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My name is Jelani! I like anime/manga, Martial arts (karate/jiu jitsu/aikido), and the Japanese language. If anyone knows Japanese, let's chat :D

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  1. noabotdyo:

What playing with action figures felt like.


    What playing with action figures felt like.

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  3. That One Time Egoraptor Was In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure



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  5. dalislikes:

fuck all ya’ll iphones and shit i want this 


    fuck all ya’ll iphones and shit i want this 

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  7. Tusk 4 logo



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  9. Leave it to fox news to butcher the names of well known characters.

    "Hermy-own and Rom Weasley"..lo freaking l!

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    If you see this somewhere on my blog, this means I am NOT a 4Channer.

    If I start posting gore and porn, THAT IS NOT ME. I HAVE BEEN HACKED.

    If you want to reblog this, take a screenshot of it on your blog so that you have solid proof.

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  15. I’m wondering why it’s so damn hot in my house only to figure out my bro set the AC on 86 degrees meanwhile it’s 76 outside..and I’m thinking to myself

    WHO THE FUCK wants it to make it warmer in here than it is outside?

    What the fuck was going through your mind when you put this plan into action?

    When did you decide it was a good idea?

    Where in the world will this ever be acceptable (not counting winter/fall season)?

    Why the fuck did you take it upon yourself to make it hotter when you know damn well it’s hot enough with it off?

    How..just…WTF man? How did you sleep so comfortably the whole night?

  16. augustotter:

    Talk Leedle To Me

    (I have no regrets.)

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